They really are…

In America. And may I just say that 2 hours sleep the night before you fly is an excellent preemptive treatment for jet lag. After that little sleep and that long a flight, you will believe any time anyone tells you it is.

My mother, Genevieve and I flew Brisbane – Sydney – LA – NY with very little delay at any point. We felt processed. We spent Thursday night in New York City, and on Friday afternoon my mother and I took the train to Connecticut.

Things we have learned:

  1. American airlines staff treat passengers as if they make their job more difficult.
  2. There are bellhops in real life!
  3. Times Square actually looks like that. 
  4.  New York really does have background music.
  5. The serving sizes really are that large.
  6. We really should have worn coats.
  7. All the songs are true.
  8. The World Trade Centre went a long way down.
  9. Everyone tells you how to calculate tips, no-one tells you how to actually pay them.
  10. Everyone is friendly except the taxi drivers (the ones we had, at least).
  11. New England houses really do look like Victorian Dolls Houses.
  12. They have storm cellars!
  13. The fall really looks like that.
  14. So do the pumpkins.
  15. They also have candy pumpkins. 
  16. Yale is gorgeous.
  17. We know the names of most of the stores.
  18. We do not know the names of any of the trees.

One thought on “They really are…

  1. Sorry. Forgot. Left a couple of comments on the old site instead. Nice new site! Lovely photos! Wish I was there! Enjoy yourself silly! Frolic in the autumn leaves!

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