By the shores of Lake Erie

I was hoping to walk along the lonely lake shore again today, with its high slate cliffs and smooth lake stones, but it is raining. The lake is grey and the grapevines are tossing in the rain and I can’t smell the grapes.

Yesterday was a windy day and standing by the veranda door I could smell concord grapes on the breeze – a sweet strange smell, the smell of grape candy (which I always thought was fake).

When we drove to North East, I walked to the railway museum (it was closed) and on that side of town the smell of grapes from the Welches factory was unmistakeable.

Concords are fat, black, sweet grapes that split when you pick them. You eat them by sucking the flesh out and swallowing it and then spitting the thick, tough skin back into the grass.

Aunt Kathy made grape cobbler on the weekend. It was very good, but I ate a great deal and my teeth turned blue.

3 thoughts on “By the shores of Lake Erie

  1. Okay, I am *officially* very jealous of you now. You had grape cobbler? That’s my Nanna’s other best dessert, only she called it grape pie. Stewed black grapes on the bottom, golden cake on top, right? Nobody makes it any more. I miss it. Isn’t it the best?! It’s right up there with apple dumplings, which are easier to make. It sounds like you’re in a lovely, pretty part of the world.

  2. And *then* I saw your photos. You are very considerate to post photos while you are away. I am envious of your skills with the camera, considering my Canberra ones :).

    I didn’t know there were places like that left in America. The houses… the trees… maybe I will go there one day. I will have to look up the place names on a map to see where you are. I had a funny feeling you were only going to New York, but I do have a vague recollection that you mentioned other names. Perhaps I couldn’t put a mental image to them and so forgot. Ah well.

    Say hello to your Mum for me! How is she enjoying herself?

    Again, lovely photos. :)

  3. I just looked at a map. I don’t suppose you’re going to hop up into Canada to look at Prince Edward Island? Now that’s one place I will definitely be going one day. My great aunt lives on the other side of Canada, but there’s no way I’m going to Canada without visiting the east coast. And now that I see the scenery of the USA east coast, hmmm… my itinerary just widened… :)

    I need to plan when to go overseas. And how much time to take doing it. I’m thinking a year… working and travelling… 2010… hmmm.

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