Na Noooooo Wri Mo

So I hadn’t decided whether to do NaNoWriMo. I certainly hadn’t planned it (that was lesson no. 2 from last year: plan!). I started writing on the offchance last night. Tonight, I walked from work to the Gabba and went to my first NaNoWriMo write-in.

Only it was really more of a [NaNoWriMo and one SketchMonth procrastination and compare computers and alphasmarts and eat pizza update facebook make terrible puns show off moo-cards and tell off colour jokes]-in.

I did manage to write almost as much as last night and make an impact by stitching my fingers together and meet up with an old uni classmate and laugh so hard it hurt and discover a great cafe with free wireless. And a photo which makes me feel horrible for laughing at it but I can’t stop and now it is my desktop picture: Noooooo.

7 thoughts on “Na Noooooo Wri Mo

  1. Such a random, nerdy question, but I was thinking of getting an Alphasmart thingy. Did they look cool? Usable? Is the screen big enough?

    And welcome back, by the way!

  2. Cool – no. They look odd and clunky and rather like a cheap ‘computer’ you might buy at a toy store which does nothing except typing exercises. But they look so unlikely – especially at a gathering of writers in computer cafe all with laptops – that everyone things they are cool.

    Definitely usable – straight wordprocessing, no frills as far as I could see. Apparently you can run it for 24 hours on the battery, which is nothing to be sneezed at.

    The screen is… maybe the size of two playing cards end to end? Large enough for wordprocessing.

    I am tempted. I’d still like something a lot smaller, but don’t want a PDA.

  3. Here’s what I try to do… I don’t always stick to this schedual, but of the scheduals I’ve tried, this is the easiest on for me. Here it goes:

    First off:

    I do not write in chapters.

    I do not write to a set “hours per day”

    I do not write to a set “words per day”

    What I do is, I write small segments or scenes from my book. Say a conversation between two characters. Or maybe the description of a room. Something like that. I find this easier, because I can see a very clear beginning, middle, and end. Not the beginning, middle, and end of the entire book. Not the beginning, middle and end of the entire chapter. Just the beginning, middle, and end of that one scene, which in most cases is 2 to 4 paragraphs long or about 600 – 800 words.

    I make it my goal to write three of these segmants each day. One in the morning as soon as I wake up, before I even get out of bed. One in the afternoon, when I get back in from taking my dog out for his daily walk. One in the evening, last thing just before going to bed. It takes about 15 – 30 minutes for me to write each segment. Or about 40 minutes to an hour and a half each day. In the end I end up with about 2,750 words written at the end of the day. That is, if I actualy sit down and write at all! I should be writing my NaNoNovel right now, cause I haven’t written anything yet today, but instead I find myself reading blogs from other NaNoers. LOL! Some days it’s just hard to get motivated to start writing.

    Anyways, When you take it and break it down into tiny chunks like this, it seems like you haven’t written very much at all, when in fact you have gone well above and beyound your word count goal. I hope this helps. Good luck with your story!


  4. Oh, and which blog should I be posting my comments on? I’ve been tending towards this one.

    Your NaNoMoWri-in sounded fantastic! It’s gotten me inspired to do something similar next year … or the year after, given Ben has fourth year exams next year …

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