Okay, I’m back

There are photos and USA posts to come (as I did not come very close to the internet in NY), including such topics as “5 hotels I stayed at”, “5 forms of transport I used,” and “5 most traumatic experiences” and others as suggested here or on facebook.

Meantimes, here are 5 places I have been rained on recently: Ripley, Pittsburgh, Washington, New York, Brisbane.

And here things that are different since I left:

  1. There is a new Venz.
  2. There are more fountains which have ceased functioning as flowerbeds and reentered service as, well, fountains.
  3. There are actual explanatory notes about the Smart Card machines on the buses. The machines are still not functional. At least, on my bus.
  4. The dates on which housemates will/will not be leaving/entering the house have taken on a new configuration.
  5. There is a new paralegal just down from my office who turns out to have been the clerk at the convenience store at the end of my street and has offered to lend me Stephen King’s Dark Tower books.

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