Kathleen is…

A month of status reports, for posterity.

October 30

Kathleen is walking around New York, eating bagels and freezing her lips so that she cannot pronounce voiceless bilabial plosives. 12:50am

November 6

Kathleen is back in Aus. 5:01pm – And had about as much sleep then as now.

November 7

Kathleen is not sure whether she is doing NaNoWriMo but wrote 1750 words last night just in case. 7:28am – Idiot.

Kathleen is on hold. 10:06am

Kathleen is at a NaNoWriMo write-in. Tentacles! 7:18pm

Kathleen is at an internet cafe, dancing to the llama song. 8:22pm – Llama, llama, duck!

Kathleen is dancing a jig while seated without moving her arms. 8:36pm – Well, you try it.

Kathleen is singing a duet to “is it okay if I stalk you” and typing. 8:55pm – It’s never okay.

November 8

Kathleen is slightly off-kilter thanks to NaNoWriMo, coffee and conversations about the hippocampus and short term memory too early in the day. 9:08am – slightly?

November 9

Kathleen is almost finished Wicked and is reserving her judgement. 8:51am – Brilliant ideas and execution.

Kathleen is *not* driving home tonight. Also, she has spent her summer clothing budget at Tree of Life. 10:05pm – And now for her next act…

November 13

Kathleen is realising life drawing is hard and foreshortening is harder, but negative space is her friend. 9:14am – If you stare into the void…


Kathleen is ambulatory. 11:45am – And able to take nourishment.

November 14

Kathleen is working up the courage to use a Moleskine for everyday sketching instead of just for important vacations. 9:09am – It still hurts a little bit.

Kathleen is increasing her powers of concentration marginally. 11:34am –She now only sometimes puts toiletry products in the refrigerator.

Kathleen is eating pizza and typing. 7:23pm

Kathleen is having a somewhat more productive write-in. 8:13pm –somewhat.

Kathleen is trapped between very obscure WoW jokes and Monty Python quotes on the other and trying to write another 500 words. 8:46pm – Also, she hopes Crystal appreciates that she is going to her graduation and not to hear the “Not the Messiah” oratorio.

Kathleen is regretting not live blogging this write in but agrees that more telephone conversations should end with “Never call this number again!”. 8:50pm – and don’t you forget it.

Kathleen is a spin doctor for the liberal party, apparently. 9:09pm – The staff at AFK are more inventive than most fiction writers.

Kathleen is not entirely sure. 9:36pm – Maybe.

Kathleen is (a) ahead and (b) almost at her day’s quota. Not high literature, but hey. 9:37pm

Kathleen is at 18540 words! 9:52pm –She’s smiling now, but just wait.

November 15

Kathleen is having difficulty remembering things like removing licence plates. 9:06am – and not putting toiletries in the fridge.

Kathleen is certain she would rather be drawing something. Or doing origami. Hmm. Origami… 2:27pm – She does a mean eyebrow topiary, however.

Kathleen is humming the theme tune to Captain Beaky and his band. 5:18pm – they roam the woodland singing songs which tell how they have righted wrongs.

Kathleen is ahead by 888 words. 11:45pm

November 16

Kathleen is triumphant, having successfully detached the rear number plate with a pocket knife in the rain while dressed for work. 9:07am – that was when the car was still capable of forward motion.

Kathleen is gaining momentum. 10:49am – that was then.

Kathleen is not planning on regretting choosing “Sunshine State” over “Smart State” number plates on general principle. 2:39pm – since she doesn’t have a car to put them on.

Kathleen is sick of sitting down. 9:18pm

November 18

Kathleen is happy as Larry, if Larry spent the afternoon at GOMA and walked home barefoot along the Brisbane River and had a barbeque with friends then hit halfway on NaNo. 12:19am – but the chances are he didn’t.

Kathleen is on the phone to product support. 9:09am – you and me we come from different worlds…

Kathleen is ahead on NaNo, behind on translation, but maybe she will get up early tomorrow morning. Heh. 9:26pm

Kathleen is staying up later than she meant to so may as well at least do the short translations. Bah. She is losing her ability to successfully procrastinate. 10:48pm – actually, its a heightened form of laziness.

Kathleen is listening repeatedly to “The Brakeman” on Bright Eye’s Cassadaga. 11:05pm

Kathleen is sure she could live to / any age / if the brakeman turns her way. 11.1pm. Time will tell.

November 19

Kathleen is able to get out of bed, ready and out the door in 15 minutes, but don’t expect a repeat performance. 8:55am

Kathleen is stalling at about 2.30 every afternoon. 5:01pm – like her car.

Kathleen is at the minimum! Had to get creative, but got her hours! 5:48pm

November 20

Kathleen is pleased to report that she has found the name of the soldier tree and it is actually cockspur coral or erythrina crista-galli. 9:37am – she can’t say she prefers either.

Kathleen is spending her vote. Maybe wisely, but certainly in advance as she is hopefully going to be at the camel races on Saturday. 1:03pm – and was that ever an emotional experience. Voting, not camel races.

Kathleen is charmed to find that there is a display of embroidery in the electoral rooms in city hall. 2:16pm

Kathleen is only 5 billable units away from being able to go home! 5:37pm

Kathleen is down to one unit left which is, of course, why she is here. 6:09pm

Kathleen is freeeee and going to Mexican with Genevieve. 6:27pm – bean burritos!

Kathleen is up past her bedtime. 11:31pm

Kathleen is running out of hours in her days. 11:45pm – and days to fit hours in.

November 21

Kathleen is sure she would prefer botanical illustration to arguing with banks. 11:13am – and sitting by the bedside of her car.

Kathleen is at 33,000 words, which apparently evicts her from the Sam the Pirate group. 9:01pm – she is determined not to be bitter.

Kathleen is switching to Arcade Fire because she has been listening to Bright Eyes solidly for the last four nights. 9:26pm – une annee sans lumiere.

Kathleen is not sure if her problem is a lack of time management or of time. 9:45pm – she counters one with the other.

Kathleen is only needing 1880 words a day now to reach the end, but is not sure when to fit in translation or sleep. 10:02pm – next year.

November 22

Kathleen is developing a preference for McDonalds coffee. 11:40am – also, its cheaper.

Kathleen is fond of haloumi. 3:59pm – not cheaper.

Kathleen is startled to find a paper aeroplane in her trash can that SHE DIDN’T PUT THERE. Has her waste paper basket become a secret aviation burial ground? 4:03pm – she is still waiting for an answer.

Kathleen is being comprehensively beaten at Scrabulous by /Karen/. 5:08pm

Kathleen is switching to REM and late-night nano-ing, but did manage to post her i-fri picture this week! 10:24pm – and is pleased with her new track record.

November 23

Kathleen is amused by computers in 1980s science fiction. 10:24am

Kathleen is suprised someone found her blog using the search “Romans leaving notes under pumpkins”. 3:20pm

Kathleen is thrilled to be called specifically to be told she did a good job of an draft application “for a property lawyer”. 5:18p

November 25

Kathleen is in very great debt to proz.com which is her very favourite and most useful internet site. 1:57am – K hearts proz.

Kathleen is glad she wrote her 2000w before the camel races, because she’s been up until 2am translating as it is. 2:07am. – At least an hour of that can be blamed on the car.

Kathleen is not fond of proof reading. 2:40pm

Kathleen is pleased she has only <6000 words left to write. 10:38pm – poor deluded fool.

November 26

Kathleen is deciding on an appropriate zoo-related illustration and will be interested in suggestions of themes or styles. 12:38pm – thanks for nothing.

Kathleen is kind of wierded out by (1) general election emotions (2) her floor looking like a scene out of “Outbreak” & (3) the workmen next door talking about sex change. 12:43pm – this week there were even bodies lying on the floor in there, twitching.

Kathleen is thankful for laid-back clients. 4:41pm

Kathleen is retrofitting paper cranes to make dragons. 4:44pm – and they don’t look half bad.

Kathleen is off to draw! 6:10pm

Kathleen is hungry. Either sushi doesn’t last long or figure drawing really takes it out of you. 10:59pm – both.

Kathleen is at 46,048! 11:36pm – this is your regularly scheduled update.

November 27

Kathleen is entertained by computers in science fiction from the ’80s. 8:55am – I think I’ve read this before.

Kathleen is surrounded by dragonflies, translating. 9:58pm

Kathleen is fairly sure she should have picked up on the fact that her latest translation is in fact in French before now. 10:09pm – Then again…

Kathleen is 1,960 words away from being able to get a good night’s sleep again! 11:26pm – Dream on.

November 28

Kathleen is drinking some abominable effervescing orange tablet + prepackaged glass of water which she didn’t pay for. 10:30am – Ah, marketing gumpf.

Kathleen is wondering if, between her new-bought blouse and her old-growth eyebrows, she is beginning to resemble Frida Kahlo. 1:35pm – Yes.

Kathleen is liking Tunng’s “Bullets” (free from Triple-J). 3:20pm

Kathleen is would like to watch the Bond movie “Bullets” was the theme song to, if it existed. 3:51pm

Kathleen is thinking, “is would like to watch”? Can I even speak this language anymore? 3:53pm – I can speak English. I learrrn it from a boook.

Kathleen is trying to think of an illustration for “Zoo” which she is likely to actually finish before Saturday morning. 5:13pm

Kathleen is having trouble staying on task. 6:07pm – Oh look, a bicycle!

Kathleen is missing a lovely evening, but rediscovering Crash-Test Dummies’ “Afternoons and Coffee Spoons” – she loves that song. 6:30pm – And TS Elliot.

Kathleen is experiencing the concentration span of a gnat. 6:54pm

Kathleen is going home. This is counterproductive. 7:56pm

Kathleen is using her Collins German-English dictionary as a backrest and listening to this year’s hottest 100. 10:04pm

Kathleen is at 49,034 words! 11:38pm

November 29

Kathleen is yawning prodigiously. 11:25am

Kathleen is perhaps inordinately pleased with herself for avoiding being hit by egg or rice at lunch. 4:11pm – Teppanyaki.

Kathleen is impressed by any song with the line “I’ve heard the rattle in my bronchii”. 5:28pm

Kathleen is still thinking fondly on all those little bell peppers, stuffed with cream cheese. 10:17pm – Ah, sweet hors deuvres.

Kathleen is finished another translation, listening to the Firefly soundtrack and probably won’t finish NaNo tonight. 11:48pm – But you can’t take the sky from me.

November 30

Kathleen is finished NaNoWriMo! 12:19am – Finally.

Kathleen is having many visitors and few comments. Who are they all? Where do they come from? 2:20pm – Why are they here?

Kathleen is wondering whether, having had a fabulous evening on a beautiful boat and walked into the city, she should walk home? 11:32pm – Probably not, but never let that stop you.

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