Illustration Friday: Soar


A clockwork horse for this week’s Illustration Friday theme. I’d like to take this further, with cogs and wheels that look as if they might actually interact.

And happy new year!

10 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Soar

  1. We really must be on the same wavelength. I also have a weakness for gears, watch parts &c. Do you like steampunk jewelry?

    Thanks for the suggestion to check out Halou– they’re wonderful!

    I think I’ve reconfigured my blog to enable comments from non-blogspotters, but being a bit iffy in the tech department I’m not i00% positive. Now do I need to add the spam filter?

    Thanks for that pointer as well.

  2. That’s alright – I might check them out myself : )

    I love steampunk jewelry. And steampunk computer casings. And steampunk starwars lego. Don’t own any yet – I have to find some!

    Re spam: I think you have the option to add a verification that the poster is human?

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