On the off-chance there is actually a sustained period of high temperatures this summer, here is an icecream recipe. I don’t remember where I read it, so if it was on your blog please let me know! I made it this weekend past for my parents and Aimee.

Chop up a banana per person (or thereabouts). Freeze it. Give it at least five or so hours. Put the bananas in a food processor and blend. Add a bit of other fruit (preferably frozen, but it doesn’t have to be) but no more than about 20% of the total – frozen berries are ideal. Blend. Serve straight away.

That’s it.

It is really, really easy. The icecream is soft but it doesn’t go all milky-runny like soft-serve icecream. This is because it is, at core, smooshed banana and it frankly isn’t that runny. Made with berries, it looks very pretty, tastes wonderful (though if the fruit isn’t sweet enough for your taste, you could easily mix in some honey) and is remarkably filling. I want to experiment further now – with apricots or mangoes, or passionfruit. Maybe apricots and mango and passionfruit… Or in tall dessert glasses, or as a parfait with very thin biscotti and fruit sauce or maybe wild hibiscus in syrup…

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