The Internet! On ice!

I was going to rant about Courier Mail opinion pieces. And then I was going to rant about BCC Cinemas’ inability to communicate. And what exactly disability access does(n’t) mean. And about Broadband not being available 60km out of Brisbane. And about the lack of impact of general statements vs the universality of specifics. And crises of conscience vis a vis tabloid magazines. And then I was going to say something about Megan Gale being Wonder Woman and how this dovetailed into a number of conversations I’d been watching and having.

But for tonight, I will just point you in the direction of this post on Judge a Book by its Cover (a blog reviewing book covers) about last sentences and crazy ideas and the domino effect and the generation of a comic strip based on (part of) a James Patterson novel and say that, although I appreciate it is flawed and tends to superficiality, sometimes I love the internet.

(The post and comic in question remind me of when I realised that every single chapter of the Riftwar book in question (or possibly all R. E. Feist novels) started with a simple statement: “A rock fell”, “A hawk called,” etc. I went through and read the start of every chapter to see if there was a secret story, but there wasn’t.

3 thoughts on “The Internet! On ice!

  1. DSL broadband isn’t even available to a lot of people in Carindale. But you(r parents?) might be able to get a subsidised satellite broadband service if they can’t get anything else. It’s more expensive than DSL, but cheaper than Telstra Next G wireless.

  2. Thanks – I’ll let them know. The house across the road, which is technically on another street, gets it. Usually I am not too irritable about it, but it aggravated my frustration with BCC Cinemas.

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