Five Books. Times two.

Five books I’ve been waiting to read:

  1. Valente – The Orphan’s Tales: In the Night Garden (recommended in New York, finally arrived at Pulp Fiction, begun!)
  2. Willingham – Fables: March of the Wooden Soldier (on order, picked it up from Daily Planet on Friday)
  3. Chabon – The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay (Christmas present from Aimee, great first chapter and it mentions de Kruif’s Microbe Hunters!)
  4. Forbes – Return to Labyrinth (discovered thanks to Tansy Rayner Roberts, bought and dipped into with Aimee, much excitement but will be disappointed)
  5. Russell – History of Western Philosophy (part interest, part ‘use it or lose it’ approach to bookcase, chewed by mice)

Five books I’d like to get hold of:

  1. Rieber, Gaiman, Bolton – Reckonings: Books of Magic Vol. 3 (every other volume is still in print)
  2. Kaye – Golden Afternoon and Enchanted Evening (The Sun in the Morning was beautiful and thrilling and heart-wrenching and hilarious, and lauded The Far Pavilions, which covered much of the same territory but in fiction, was very disappointing when read immediately after)
  3. Gilman – The Balloon Tree (I adored this in year one – she had a secret staircase behind the fireplace!)
  4. Griffiths – Consistent Christianity (wonderful, slight, practical, solid book of applying and living out Biblical principles)
  5. A picture book about a family which opens a restaurant and one of the children serves jelly (or maybe peas) while on roller skates? Anyone?

4 thoughts on “Five Books. Times two.

  1. my mother-in-law really would like to know what poem these words are from- she thinks banjo patterson “it’s good to lie in bed at night and hear the sweeping rain,
    go pitter patter on the roof and knocks upon the pane………………..”
    if you can help her it would be greatly appreciated.
    thank you very much,
    harry myers

  2. It’s good to lie in bed at night
    And hear the sweeping rain
    Go pitter patter on the roof
    And knock against the pane.
    It croaks and gurgles down the spout
    It swishes through the leaves
    It makes the curly creepers drip
    That climb about the leaves.
    And snug and warm in blanket soft
    I hear a windy song’
    Of curlews in the …….. night air
    That …… the whole night long.

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