Illustration Friday: Plain

This week’s Illustration Friday theme is “Plain”. I did four sketches: cliched, angsty, determined and resigned. The cliche made the cut, and here is Plain Jane. Drop waists rarely suit anyone.

Plain Jane

Comments and criticism welcome!

The alternatives were variations on an illustration for A. E. Housman’s poem “Into my heart an air that kills…” (and there’s a cheerful title for you):

Plain 1

Plain 2

Putting a brave face on it:
Plain 3

9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Plain

  1. Wonderful drawings, particularly the “brave face” one: it has a certain wistfulness to it, not to mention good spatial composition. Have you ever considered writing/illustrating a graphic novel? I think your style of drawing would lend itself very effectively to such a project.

    I haven’t read the Houseman poem before – thanks for including the link.

  2. Thanks delaverobum – I like your bathing beauties! (Everyone else may see them here).

    Mo, thanks for the comments – it is always nice to know what people think are the strengths (and for that matter, weaknesses) of a piece. How we learn! I have thought about it, but I’d have to work on consistency of faces, among other things!

    Hi Rebecca! Thanks for stopping by – it’s nice to know people enjoy them (other than just me).

  3. I love how much you manage to capture with relatively simple linework. There’s a classic- and classy-ness to these. I’ll definitely be back.

    And to answer your question about my “Sarah, Plain, and Tall” illustration– I use pastels on this great textured paper that feels almost like sandpaper. Thanks for visiting!

  4. Your “plain jane” is very lovely, there’s a gracefull simplicity in the lines of all three figures in this set that’s very expressive, very nice! (I love the “old fashioned” look of the marker tone too)

  5. Elizabeth – thanks for the comments and the answer! I love that picture (anyone who likes Sarah Plain and Tall, or yellow, or pretty pictures, check it out here).

    Stephanie – Thanks for the observations and compliments. I’m tempted to pick up some sepia tones and see how that comes across.

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