Illustration Friday: Tales and Legends

Tales and Legends

This was painted in my pocket Moleskine sketchbook while at Runaway Bay with my family for 2/3 of the Australia Day weekend: the background was stained with a teabag and the figure painted in with very strong instant coffee. The tea is effective. The coffee is… pungent. If you click on the picture and go to the Flickr page, there is a link to the non-photoshopped version.

This picture, which is not-a-portrait-of-my-mother was painted subsequent to finding out the Illustration Friday theme, and was therefore a possible entrant (larger version beyond the link on Flickr):


And this is an illustration for any number of fish stories, made with paint and newspaper and tracing paper (I was feeling very self-sufficient by this stage, particularly as I had no scissors or glue). They may become my April header:

Little Fish

As ever, comments, critiques and advice are very welcome.

12 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Tales and Legends

  1. “Tales and legends” is very effective. You’ve captured the concentrated stillness of deep-in-a-book absorption perfectly. The tea and coffee colours (great idea with the teabag – must try that myself) are totally suited to the painting.

    The “not-a-portrait-of-my-mother” is a bit jarring in its contrasts: the translucence of the woman is somewhat at odds witht the opaqueness of the background. It’s as though each part belonged to a separate work. But the sweep of the book covers is exactly right. :-)

  2. Thanks, Vhrsti!

    Mo, thanks for the criticism – it’s good to have. I think I agree without on the contrasts, and I don’t like the overall warmth of the colours. And yes, I liked the book covers too – must be my strength :)

    Teabag (I used one I’d just made a cup of tea with) is surprisingly effective – even after use it gives a nice strong colour. I haven’t tried it with a herbal tea – a berry infusion might give a nice tone. Also, tea doesn’t smell as much as coffee.

  3. Hello!

    Thanks for the effort in leaving a comment. Blogger is a very nice way to publish your work. I didn´t know it was settle to allow only Blogger users to comment. Thanks for the warning. You got yourself nice works here as well. Very hand-made like approach, which pleases me. I love the smoothness of the traditional medias.

  4. You’re welcome – I hope you don’t mind me pointing it out, but I sometimes wonder if it is deliberate of if people don’t know that they’re missing out on many comments on some very beautiful artwork.

    Thanks for stopping by. I am doing some digital work, but it still feels very awkward to me. This approach is much more familiar.

  5. It would be very interesting to see the colours from herbal teabags, and whether they’d be prone to fading. Reminds me of some cloth dying experiments I tried as a kid (boiled onion skins made for a dingy, but long-lasting, yellow dye). I wonder how beet juice would turn out on paper…

  6. Kathleen- Your sketches are amazing! I am adding you to my lists of blogs to visit regularly!

    Also, thanks so much for the recommendations, I totally enjoy finding new tools, etc.

  7. Thankyou Esther!

    The lady at Spill is based in my town and I when I saw those holster belts I wanted to work in an industry where they would be useful! No real need for them in a law office :)

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