Two Milestones

Bearer of Bad News

I submitted a story to an anthology! I am regretting it now, and trying not to think about just how horrible it really was but am happy that it was written and edited and submitted (four minutes before the deadline!). The first draft was longhand, the second was typed: 6000+ words in three hours! My wrist is still sore.

My picture Bearer of Bad News (and I apologise for the angsty title, but am going with Aimee‘s suggestion that “Bad News” is the bird’s name) was accepted to Epilogue today! It’s juried (the old pictures in my gallery were accepted just before they tightened the requirements a few years ago and I will cull them if I can get a few more in this year to buoy my ego) and a great site for FSFH art and I am very excited at the moment.

6 thoughts on “Two Milestones

  1. Don’t be in such a rush to meet deadlines–there will always be other anthologies, publications to submit to. The ideal attitude is to work and craft your prose offerings until they’re the best they can possibly be. Believe me, editors are inundated with work that is unformed, substandard and you don’t do yourself any favors by rushing. And here I speak as a pro writer with more than 20 years of toiling on behalf of the printed word under my belt…

  2. Thankyou Trudi!

    Thankyou also, Cliff, for the advice. The process wasn’t quite as rushed as I perhaps made it sound – I had planned the story for this anthology and it was written and edited and I was fairly happy with it. I was checking formatting and pruning wordcount at the last minute, however. And then of course the minute I hit send I (as always) could think only the worst of the story : )

    I have a lot of respect for the time and work editors put in, and in this smaller market where everyone knows everybody else, I’ve met many of them and definitely don’t want to waste their time. So I do try to craft the story, edit it well, make sure it is in my language of choice (in Trudi’s phrase) and properly set out for their requirements.

    And still crushing loathing of my writing kicks in the minute I put it out in the world! The only cure for that seems to be to start the next story.

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