Kathleen is…

Hitting the new year running:

January 7

Kathleen is very pleased with herself for finding $15.30. Now she can have lunch. 1:03pm Now, if she could only repeat that trick.

Kathleen is almost out of flavigny violet pastilles. 3:05pm It still hurts to read this.

Kathleen is trying to work out why it is warm in her office and just realised it might be the sun. 3:18pm She has a high IQ.

Kathleen has never met a sub-par pantihose she didn’t hate. 4:50pm This is not prejudice – she takes it on a case-by-case basis. They’re all dreadful.

January 8

Kathleen happy to finally know who W.G.P. is. 9:50am Employee of Collins who started inserting his own quotations into calendars. A position he disappointingly did not abuse.

Kathleen is invisible girl. 5:49pm …Now you don’t.

January 10

Kathleen is down to only 6 Flavigny Violet Pastilles. 10:50am Quite seriously, does anyone know of any Australian distributors?

Kathleen is resilient. 5:48pm Or possibly just oblivious.

January 11

Kathleen is happy to have her aubergines on. 9:55am Casual Fridays!

Kathleen is telling people to read Persepolis. 2:55pm She doesn’t know if it is working. Readitreaditreadit.

January 14

Kathleen is drinking much tea. 12:40pm This explains several things.

Kathleen is watching Hammond’s return. 7:49pm Favourite show.

Kathleen is hoping he survives. 8:15pm Even when she knows how it will end.

Kathleen is kind of thinking they’re just messing with us now. 8:18pm Did everyone except her know the accident happened on the third attempt?

January 15

Kathleen is shocked. Shocked! Such language! 9:42am Also, still amused that after decades of denying it the Courier Mail went tabloid.

Kathleen is also not sure they used “tranche” correctly – but still, from the Courier Mail! That bastion of elevated diction! 9:46am See above.

Kathleen is waiting for 3 minutes to enjoy the taste good. 1:18pm It did.

Kathleen is one upload away from being done with her travel diary. 3:17pm She enjoys delayed gratification.

Kathleen is finished uploading her travel journal! 10:45pm It’s here. More on that later.

January 16

Kathleen is suffering from a tiredness-induced nervous tic in one eyelid that she hopes makes her look menacing and edgy but probably just makes her look unbalanced. 11:25am There it goes again.

Kathleen is suddenly overcome by an overwhelming desire to see “Deep Secret” as a graphic novel. 11:54am Any takers?

Kathleen is wondering whether she has enough money left to buy a mango and a tomato. 5:43pm And 35c left over!

January 17

Kathleen is having a crisis of conscience. 9:19am Still here.

Kathleen is having a crisis of conscience. Would anyone be willing to help her split hairs? 9:22am Take that as a ‘no’, then?

January 18

Kathleen is all out of Flavigny violet pastilles and can’t find an Australian supplier. 12:40pm : (

Kathleen is going to have a mocha and a melting moment and possibly rant about opinion columns again. 5:34pm Blanky Terry Sweetman.

January 21

Kathleen is contemplating YBP tshirts. 8:54am And her fruit-buying budget.

Kathleen is failing to come up with a snarky riposte to today’s calendar quotation. 10:15am Give it time.

Kathleen is finished drawing her first bear in an ill-fitting hat. 2:18pm Two now!

Kathleen is disappointed in the origin of “cliche”. 4:14pm The language has let her down.

January 22

Kathleen is pretty sure she can only get to Thursday without spending any money if she walks to and from work today and tomorrow. 9:32am This is incidental exercise in action.

Kathleen is going to see Sting! 10:55am And he had a beard?

January 23

Kathleen is sure she ought to know better than to go to concerts on school nights. 3:27pm Information =/= knowledge =/= wisdom.

January 24

Kathleen is startled to hear her cousin has been shot. 11:12am In the head. But not badly.

Kathleen is running out of things to look at on the internet and should probably finish some work. 6:43pm She did not make it quite to the end.

January 25

Kathleen is excited that she has achieved a new high in her blog stats. 9:59am Thankyou, Ifri.

January 28

Kathleen is impressed that she managed not to photograph any pelicans! 11:01pm Personal best.

Kathleen is amused by the circumstances, wearied by the necessity for eyebrow topiary and peeved that the conscience-tweaking situation has returned. 11:23pm Should be over this week.

January 29

Kathleen is wondering whether not being embarassed has lowered her standards. 11:21am And whether that is anything to be ashamed of? Note spelling.

Kathleen is running out of time and into too many words. 2:40pm Also, she can get biro ink all over her fingers without even trying!

Kathleen is having too much fun staying up late, scanning in pictures. Also, she was wrong about Sweeney Todd – it might not cover all demographics. 11:21pm An impressive achievement itself, all considered.

January 30

Kathleen is thinking about artichoke hearts. 3:57pm But was too lazy to find photoreference, so Errantry got a different blog header.

January 31

Kathleen is is going to do something very silly tonight. 1:57pm 6000+ words in three hours!

Kathleen is wrung out – her spine feels all unstrung. 5:15pm Not to mention her hand.

Kathleen is finished writing a short story and has submitted it! 11:58pm Still suffering.

3 thoughts on “Kathleen is…

  1. Karen – it isn’t terribly cheap (most graphic novels aren’t, I guess). I send mine down but it seems to be permanently lent out (I have to track down who has it at the moment). If it comes available I’ll let you know : )

    Will – thanks. I think I came across that but I knew that foodstuffs (and dvds) sometimes won’t be shipped to Australia. I’ll give them a go and see what happens.

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