So, how’s that going for you?

This year, I am Not Being Embarrassed (much). Here are five things I have not been embarrassed about:

  1. Walking at work with the strap on my shoe broken (because what exactly was being embarrassed going to do to help anything? See also zip, below).
  2. Being seen by unexpected visitors wandering the house in a strappy singlet.
  3. Cupcakes. (Because “we’re grownups now and it’s our turn to decide what that means”).
  4. The url of the article I was looking at when the firm-wide email came around warning us not to abuse our internet freedom. (Thankyou so much /Karen/!)
  5. Having a photoshoot in the loungeroom while my housemates sat around drinking champagne and watching me, made-up and coiffed, being told to stand like that, tilt my head like this, smile, throw my arms out etc. Oh, and my zip broke.

I think I am growing as a person.

5 thoughts on “So, how’s that going for you?

  1. Good work on your resolution!

    Are you having a photo shoot for anything in particular?

    Interesting article despite the embarrassing url, even if it did make me feel bad for not having been measured for a bra for years due to laziness rather than embarrassment :)

  2. Heh – I saw someone had clicked on that link, and was wondering who it was.

    Photo shoot is for a magazine article. I’m an, um, before and after feature. I’ll say more about it if&when it actually hits newsstands.

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