Illustration Friday: Choose

This week’s illustration below…


For this week’s Illustration Friday I started with a very small sketch I had made in the margin of a memo pad. I straightened this in Photoshop then kept it in the background and drew roughly over it. I drew in the squiggle on the left with a paintbrush then flipped it for the other side, but shaded the squiggles and added the dots separately. I typed in “CHOOSE” on a text layer, fiddled with fonts and settled for ‘Mesquite’ and bent and contorted it into shape and added the text at the bottom. I then drew and coloured in the figure and tray. I drew the first cupcake on a separate layer, then copied, flipped, stretched and resized them. The cherries were shaded individually. Then I used a scan I had made of some silk paper (I think), brought the colour out and set the layer to (I think) “pin light”. Finally, I used a filter for the halftone effect.

Here’s the image before the halftone effect:

Choose scarlet

The original biro sketch:

No Contest

As ever, comments and criticism are very welcome!

7 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Choose

  1. the concept that one would ever be rquired to make this particular choice pleases me greatly, although if one had enough cupcakes under one’s belt flexibility might be a casualty.
    Regards, neil

  2. Thanks, all! Neil – I’ve already made my choice and am comfortable with it :)
    Curious Art – me too, and I love reworkings of stories and ideas (did you catch the Alice references in Pan’s Labyrinth?).
    Cindy – they are very beautiful cupcakes. And in the long run, I think that is the more important thing :)

  3. Well now, there is some sort of synchronicity going on here, because Cindy is the one who recommended Halou to me, & I just recommended Pan’s Labyrinth to her! Curiouser & curiouser!

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