Illustration Friday: Multiple


A chain of paperdolls, seven sisters (the seventh is on the side and back of the canvas), a selection from the 12 dancing princesses, multiple roses, a four-leaf clover, multiple media. The shamrock is for the multiple leaves, and for the music and where two of my names are from, and because March is coming.

I painted the background in acrylic and impasto medium. The green and pink were too candy-nasty so I toned it down with brown and ochre pastel in gell medium. The chain of dancers were cut out of folded paper. I printed out sheet music (“I’ll take you home, Kathleen”) and used gell medium to paste strips across the dancers, then pasted them down on the canvas with more gel medium and trimmed the edges. I decided to keep the last dancer with my pencil sketch, and she is wrapped around to the back. I went over them again with the sepia pastel/medium mix and added colour with the same mix and rubbing pastel on with my finger, which I then coated with fixative before coating the whole canvas with another dose of pastel and gell medium.

The main figure was transferred from a quick sketch (referring to the bathroom mirror) onto white sketch paper and coloured with pastel in gell medium. The yellow top is from the back page of the sheet music, coloured and tortured in photoshop to age it and then treated with fixative (which made the paper a little bit crispy). Shadows were added with pastel, and I painted the details and the shamrock.

The colours are more pastel than I like and the main figure should probably be a little further into the picture. I’m also struggling with getting good colour reproductions on this scanner, so if anyone knows of a good tutorial on adjusting colours in photoshop, I’m all ears – there’s a strong lemon-yellow on that top I can’t quite catch.

As ever, comments and criticism are very welcome!

This model works cheaply:

The yellow blouse

Serendipitous placement of lyrics:

Your heart will feel no pain

15 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Multiple

  1. Thanks everyone!

    Rizal – acrylic is good because it dries quickly and if you are used to working in pen, pencil etc (like I am) it doesn’t require to much extra patience, and covers areas more quickly. I’m trying to break out of a tendency to use it like watercolours, however – I’m used to transparent media.

  2. Oh– about your photoshop question, try selecting the area you want to intensify, then start a new layer, fill it with a yellow that approximates the color you are seeking, set it to multiply, & adjust transparency until it looks right. If you did the yellow as a glaze originally, that often captures the effect. But if muddies the other colors, you can do a select color range or use the quick mask to erase out the problem areas.

  3. Thankyou!
    I will try that technique. I’m also going to pull out the papers on my scanner and see if I can adjust it at all (if it goes horribly wrong I’ll hit reset). My mother has a nasty, clunky scanner but the colours are stunning.

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