Lentil chicken and couscous

I really, really enjoyed my dinner tonight.

It’s a very quick and easy dish which has its roots in chilli con carne (chilli con pollo?) and trying to stay in budget. I made it again for Deb on Saturday.

  • part of a roast chicken (usually 1/2 or 1/4 when on sale at the end of the night).
  • can of lentils.
  • can of red kidney beans.
  • can of diced (or otherwise tortured) tomatoes.
  • some salsa, and assorted spices: chilli and anything else that smells appealing.*

Heat the pan with a bit of oil and herbs. Chop up the roast chicken, put it in, stir it around, add the beans and tomatoes and some salsa and let simmer. That’s about it.

I served it on cous-cous, mixed in the bowls, with a dollop of plain yoghurt.

It reheats well and cous-cous is easier to make up at work than two minute noodles. But the best way to eat it is in a tortilla with some crumbled tasty cheese (can’t find the grater) and a glass of cold milk.

Man that was good.


*You could add onion and garlic, but we’d just had the Great February Onion Cull, and I couldn’t be bothered crushing garlic.

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