Illustration Friday: Homage


With the Illustration Friday topics, I usually pretend the illustration is to accompany an article on that theme and go from there. I went a little further sideways with this week’s topic and decided to do an illustration for a piece on neologisms and the fun (and problems) of watching language develop through popular media. The reference, of course, is to the Buffy-ism of forming nouns by adding “-age” to, well, everything.

The house is intended to look invented and fantastic, but is also an only-slightly-edited version of the view from my verandah. The hill opposite is so steep the houses on it appear to be balanced on top of the trees.

Comments and critique are always welcome.

(And there are still free bird (and other) prints available).

11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Homage

  1. Mangosteenskin – yes, there is a lovely breeze on that corner of the verandah :)

    /Karen/ – One day… actually, one of the beauties of the digital age is being able to enlarge tiny ink drawings so they look a bit rough-hewn and monumental.

    Aimee – I know : ) Unfortunately, it looks far less impressive on film.

  2. I like the image like woodblock print. I will suggest to choose different typography at the bottom, of course serif fonts but have a little more design to support the image.

  3. Thanks for that, Timafli. I agree with you. I had a font in mind for this which I knew I had seen on old flash-cards, but no idea what it was called. I have a lot to learn about typography and design.

  4. Lovely homage in the leafage!

    “Eat your greens” came in the mail today & I’m ecstatic! Had spinach salad for supper in homage to your image.

    Thank you so much!

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