Life Drawing: This time, with clothes


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I’ve started going to life drawing again and it is still a mental workout. Drawing naked people is really hard, like solving a particularly difficult puzzle.


Tonight, we had a cabaret theme, with “Dark Alice” in a selection of corsets and bowler hats and wonderful boots. I enjoy the interest clothes add and the way they can add to a pose and how you can use them to calculate angles and distances.

Dark Alice with Fan

The boots were a challenge – I had to consciously shut my mind and let my eyes do the work. They were very wonderful boots, though.

From Hat

The model – Dark Alice – was very slightly built, and I am used to drawing more curves with female models, so I had to think again. She had fun with her costumes and poses and had a toy rabbit named (I think) Maurice, and was friendly and chatty between sessions, coming around to look at our drawings and discuss her facial structure.


The clothes add an fascinating graphic quality which isn’t there with nude models.

2 thoughts on “Life Drawing: This time, with clothes

  1. Thanks for commenting, organicsyes. Drawing everyday has been very good practice. Even when it is only stickfigures:)

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