Sketchbook Extract: The Faery Queen

I draw everyday. Sometimes it is a stick figure. After America and the sketch journal I have tried to continue drawing from life and reference* as well as from my imagination (the two are after all able to be combined infinitely). The picture below is based on a photo by one of the many skilled and inventive photographers and artists on flickr, Karla Jean Davis. Her photo, A Stiff Breeze, from a luminous photoshoot inspired by Mucha’s illustrations, was the basis for this sketch, executed in marker one evening when I was staying late back trying to do more work. The text is from the “Ballad of Tam Lin”, version Child 39A.

Page 09

Since the only person who actually does anything in the ballad (and does she ever!) is Janet, it really should be called the Ballad of Janet of Carterhaugh.

*I do attribute my references, in this case on the next page of the sketchbook.

5 thoughts on “Sketchbook Extract: The Faery Queen

  1. Hi Tanaudel,

    I haven’t been blog-hopping in a while and today I come around and see that one: you’ve made a very nice new April header! It’s fun and I always thought April was a clown :)

    And two: this sketch is awesome! really it is.

  2. Thankyou Mark – I was going to do a series of fish for the header (poisson d’avril) but thought I’d stick with my own cultural background:)

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