One of the artists whose work I look out for on Flickr is Tascha. I strayed from Flickr to her Youtube tutorials and discovered while watching her Snow Angel tutorial not only that it is a lot of fun to watch time-lapse painting, but that Youtube videos can be a source of poses and movements for sketching practice – particularly when they feature Tascha’s hair and cider mug:)

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Do check out Tascha’s blog Time with Tascha and her Flickr page and Etsy store. However, I especially recommend you check out her Frida paintings, which are gentle and vivid and make me consider growing my eyebrows.

Another artist I found through Flickr, and one I intended to blog about much earlier, is Amorphous (Flickr) /Musecatcher (blog), whose self-portrait photographs are mysterious and inspiring (see particularly her Ophelia series). She in turn is also inspired by Frida Kahlo, and this sketch was based on one of her photos (since deleted):

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