This week’s Illustration Friday entry. Hand drawn, scanned, computer inked and lettered and I think I may stick with pen and ink for line work in future.

The paper dress and strawberries are from one of my favourite fairytales. The bride is from fairytales as well, but also from that tradition of advertisements in which domestic bliss is promised by household appliances.

In answer to Leah’s question in the comments, I suspect the version I first read was from Grimm by way of Lang’s Red Fairy Book, as this is roughly the story The Three Dwarfs, The Three Little Men in the Woods. And here is a related French fairy tale (I don’t know where it is from originally) The Twelve Months, which I think I like better, as it is more poetic, though it finishes early and doesn’t meander on to tales of breaking ice in bare feet, being rescued by a prince, having a child, being changed into a duck in a moat, and finishes with happy endings and horrible punishments all around.]

Comments and criticism are both very welcome.