For your viewing pleasure:

A is for Anachronisms and Agents

B is for Book Trailers and Bad Books

C is for Casting

D is for Deadlines and Divination

E is for Effort

F is for Formatting

G is for Georgian

H is for Honours

I is for Interrogation

 J is for Jetpack Envy

K is for Kaiju and Kilogram

L is for Lift-off

M is for Masques and Madness

N is for Naturalisation

O is for Omnipotence and Open-Source

P is for Puzzled and Podcast

Q is for Quest

R is for Recidivism

S is for Stew and Subjectivity and Shiny

T is for Tales and Thanks

U is for Ueber Gletch

V is for Vacuums

W is for Whetting, Appetites, for the purposes of

X is for Crossroads.

Y is for You Missed One/Were Ungrammatical/Said Something You Shouldn’t Have/Revealed My Secret Identity

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Z is for Zombies