May Australian Spec Fic Carnival

For your viewing pleasure:

A is for Anachronisms and Agents

B is for Book Trailers and Bad Books

C is for Casting

D is for Deadlines and Divination

E is for Effort

F is for Formatting

G is for Georgian

H is for Honours

I is for Interrogation

 J is for Jetpack Envy

K is for Kaiju and Kilogram

L is for Lift-off

M is for Masques and Madness

N is for Naturalisation

O is for Omnipotence and Open-Source

P is for Puzzled and Podcast

Q is for Quest

R is for Recidivism

S is for Stew and Subjectivity and Shiny

T is for Tales and Thanks

U is for Ueber Gletch

V is for Vacuums

W is for Whetting, Appetites, for the purposes of

X is for Crossroads.

Y is for You Missed One/Were Ungrammatical/Said Something You Shouldn’t Have/Revealed My Secret Identity

  • Let me know in the comments, I’ll edit appropriately.

Z is for Zombies

10 thoughts on “May Australian Spec Fic Carnival

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  3. Nicely done! Love your innovation on the formatting.

    p.s. to Kris and others, the “automatic pop-up” is quite difficult for many people who have low vision and use screen magnification.

  4. Thanks, Skye. I didn’t realise the automatic preview of links might cause difficulties.

    Sorry to Kris! I’ve now removed the automatic preview and will try in future to give enough information about the link that you know where you’re going.

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