Short Update

  • Tickets to Vanuatu for three weeks. No guarantee will hit what aim for with hammer.
  • Sepia sky.
  • A moralistic and mouldering old book with beautiful cover.
  • An unkept bathroom.
  • Thespian judiciary.
  • Sick headache probably my own fault.
  • Back to blogs for pleasure not duty.
  • Coconut rice.
  • Cheap offcut of scraperboard.
  • Tea universal panacea. Am aware of tautology but sounds better that way.
  • Rain in the kitchen.
  • Realised I have April reviews to do.
  • Debate on correct disposition of commas.
  • Early night.

5 thoughts on “Short Update

  1. Vanuatu? Vacation? Charitable work?

    Don’t mean to be nosy–just have never known anyone who has been there. That would be an interesting trip, for certain.

  2. With Wycliffe Associates to enclose balconies for Wycliffe Translators. And it will be interesting – I’ve never really been anywhere not European/ised.

  3. Wow, Wycliffe does good work. My wife has relatives who work with them in translation. Your helping them will indeed be a ministry.

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