Illustration Friday: Wide

Instead of showing you the rather nasty slice I took out of my hand on the desk at work, here is this week’s Illustration Friday entry:

Page 08

It is a wide angled view of people on the hill at Musgrave Park for Paniyiri yesterday. (I ate far too much but that was the general idea and happily I dropped half of my violently-blue-iced ouzo cupcake because it would probably have done me in. Also, I almost walked into Effi). A wide angled view is a novelty for me, since I usually put many little pictures on each page of my sketchbooks. The style changed both for the sake of experiment and because I drew the left page and then decided to continue on to the right.

This is a bit further removed from the theme than usual, because the piece I was planning (of Anne Shirley and her puffed sleeves) was also my first scratchboard picture and while parts of it turned out very well, others didn’t:


I’ve edited it by neatening the white background. Next time I try scratchboard I will:
(a) work larger (this is slightly larger than the original);
(b) plan more;
(c) not give her a moustache;
(d) not put in such large areas of white (or else use white scratchboard);
(e) wear a dust mask; and
(f) not work in my bedroom.

15 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Wide

  1. I like the fact you are tenacious enough to do both pages…great job on the figures in the tent and the handling of your ‘shading’ throughout…and appreciate the comments on what not to do with scratchboard…although I hear mustaches on women might be in this year…

  2. Thankyou Jim and kstyles!

    Brine Blank – if we all pull together, we can probably manage that. And I think I might need a new category of “What not to do”.

    Aw, thanks Kate:)

  3. Thanks Trent! Okay, maybe not a luxuriant, walrus moustache. :)

    Neil, thanks for your comment and for the link! Beautiful. Scraperboard isn’t the most fashionable medium at the moment and so I have to go searching to find out the possibilities.

  4. Nice drawing and scratchboard work. I know scratchboard is hard to manage and needs a lot of planning. I totally agree. But the sketch in your sketchbook is very nicely designed. Very cool.

  5. Thanks Denise and timafli! Scratchboard is definitely one of those media that reminds me that simply changing medium won’t make me a better artist:)

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  7. What struck me immediately when I saw this picture is the sense of the man against the tree seeing what is in front of him, and being aware of what is behind him from the images of memory.

    I feel like this effect was caused by the two slightly different styles/shading techniques used on the two pages.

    When I read that the second page was an after thought I assumed that the intriguing effect was accidental.

  8. Hi Tim!

    I like that interpretation of it. It’s been interesting having people look at my sketches because they aren’t often terribly premeditated works. I just figure them out as I go along, and then people read things in them and I go back and found out where they got that from. It’s a way to learn.

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