I bought a new packet of six Pitt Artist Pens last week (brush tip markers) and celebrated by trying a marker illustration for this week’s Illustration Friday topic.


Every week I have a fairly broad concept that I would like to play with, and every week the topic cannot by any stretch of the imagination be dragged to fit it. But the robots happened along fairly early (probably as a result of reading about the making of Lots of Bots and looking at the preview images for Harvest is When I Need You The Most) and now I have a few pages of robot ideas to play with should the urge strike. Also a thumbnail of someone having a bad dream about a Punch & Judy show.

Comments and critiques are always welcome.

I’m going to be in Vanuatu for the next three weeks’ topics, but hope to be back in action after that! (I am planning on drawing while I’m there, but am devoting too much brainpower to working out which size sketchbook I want to use).