Things that should have been occupying my mind:

  • Drafting all leases before I leave*
  • Leaving useful memos for colleagues**
  • Remembering my passports***
  • Paying bills
  • Not forgetting to take malaria medication
  • That my doctor’s surgery can’t diagnose heart attacks and has to call the ambulance in and the ambulance people teased their victim all the way out about how the mask looked on her
  • Whether the malaria medication will have horrible side effects****
  • Packing^
  • Inexplicable absence of board shorts from Queensland stores
  • Making sure I have my towel^^

Things that have been occupying my mind:

  • What size sketchbook to take^^^
  • What street the Dursleys lived on^^^^


*four down, two to go


***while in shower this morning

****what is the perfect medicine for a tropical island paradise? Oh, how about one that makes you sensitive to sunlight? People have asked if it is having that effect already and I point out we haven’t actually had any sunlight here this week.

^I can’t do light yet, but I’m getting good at compact!

^^all is right with the world.

^^^I decided on a large sketchbook and will show the results when I get back. In the meantime, I have been uploading my other sketchbooks, if you are interested in these things:

^^^^Emily and I had to check last night: it’s Privet Drive, and ‘privet’ in German is “Liguster” so “Ligusterweg” makes perfect sense after all^^^^^

^^^^^I’m reading Harry Potter und der Stein der Weisen which, along with lumberjack cake, was a fortunate discovery of my lunch with Rachel T at the American Bookstore & Cafe this week.

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