SMSs from Vanuatu

[The following SMSs were sent by Kathleen to Aimee from Vanuatu, for the delight of her faithful blog-readers.]

1 June: Am here. Spent Saturday in market, swam. Met Ben A.’s brother. On quest to eat fruitbat but no luck yet.

23 June: Painting poles, now sewing curtains. SIL headquarters basic but island beautiful. Making damper tonight. Have eaten young coconut, tuluk, kumara and enchiladas. Still no flying fox.

28 June: Went on a trail ride, saw most beautiful paddock. Have had bat soup described to me but not tasted. On 2nd set of curtains. Pondering volcano.

[Aimee says: Apologies for being late with the posts – end of school term is hectic!]

4 thoughts on “SMSs from Vanuatu

  1. Thanks for sharing these with us–will look forward to reading about this trip, and finding out what Kathleen thinks about the taste of fruitbat. (That is not something that ever occurred to me!)

  2. Update: Katie has gone to volcano, but no further SMSs have been sent. I know because her mum had to transfer money for the flight. Until I get a call, I’ll assume the volcano hasn’t erupted on her and she still has the power to SMS.

  3. That is why I should check comments before I leave the country. I am still batless, but at least it is an excuse to return.

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