Word to the Wise: Banged Grains

Don’t over-microwave a wheat-pack.

11 thoughts on “Word to the Wise: Banged Grains

  1. :)

    It’s a Pratchett reference (of course), which should answer Aimee’s question. Corn isn’t the only grain that pops when heat is applied to it.

  2. Yes, they should. (And yes, I did pick up the reference, but only after I commented.)

    I just told my reading group (none of whom are fantasy fans, all of whom are high school teachers) that I read Twilight, a Teen Vampire Novel, and they all laughed at me and started packing up. Yes, I did postscript by saying it was a bestseller (reaction of surprise) and that our students would like it (reaction of interest, as one might react to the suggestion that dettol is rather good for killing cane toads).


  3. Oh, I just read a terrible review of it today too and I can’t remember where. About passivity and perfectionism.

  4. Not my reading group! This is just some list doing the rounds – a list of top 100 books or so.

    But I agree on the YA lit.

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