Projects: International Moleskine Exchange 32

I mentioned the portrait party exchange the other day. Jan’s moleskine has arrived at my parent’s place, as it has a rather less soggy mailbox, and as I am going to Sydney this weekend I can’t see it or any of my other packages! All those lovely packages, so near and yet so far away.

Anyway, another new project is Moly_X_32: The 32nd International Moleskine Exchange. I hope to have a picture up of my contribution to that very soon. In the meantime, and in the interests of keeping these things in one place, here is a cross-post of my first entry – but do visit these blogs and/or flickr pages to see what everyone is doing! (Do go look at Marty’s picture Night Job – his raccoons are wonderful).

28 July 2008 Introducing Tanaudel

 Page 13

Hi all! Robin suggested we introduce ourselves, so I’ll jump in now. I’m Kathleen from Brisbane, Australia and I can be found at and

Page 08

I’ve been doodling for a long time, drawing every day since 1/01/2007 and keeping a moleskine sketchbook since 10/2007 when I used one for my travel sketchbook/diary when I went to the USA for three weeks (that set is on Flickr here: USA 2007 Moleskine). My second and latest travel journal was for a trip to Vanuatu but that is still being uploaded. I’ve also been participating in Illustration Friday for some time and that with sketching and reading (especially James Gurney’s blog) have been a good education, although I hope to continue to learn a lot more.

May Header

I’m looking forward to seeing what everyone does for this theme!

NY Noir

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