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Queenslander houses, with their high stumps, polished floors, deep verandas and wooden lace, are not designed to keep heat in. They are freezing in winter (they also have many of the features of a wildlife corridor, but that’s another story), and so instead of working at one of my desks (one of which is in the annex and so basically a cold-room) I did my first entry on the coffee table while sitting crosslegged on the floor in front of Inspector Rex.

Here is my coffee table and floor:

First in my book

This is the full spread of my first entry, featuring bougainvillea, veranda railings and flowery prose:

First in my book

And a detail of the pop-up (with real Queenslander architecture in the background – those are coloured glass windows looking over the back yard):

First in my book

And some real bougainvillea from my parents’ yard:


All pictures are on Flickr, so you can click through and click on “all sizes” above the picture if you want a close-up.

ETA: It is posted and on its way to Robin. I didn’t take a photo, but the sign-in page is just the inside front cover – draw a little thing (I did a flower) and put your name and general location. I also put a flower postage stamp on the front cover, so if you have any stamps or stickers and this book comes through your hand, feel free to add them! And there are some moo cards in the back pocket for those what wants one.