Vanuatu: Illustration

I haven’t forgotten Vanuatu: I’ve been uploading the sketchbook (almost there!) and sorting through photos for a presentation at church. Here are the illustrations I did for SIL/VBT. The originals are still on Efate. (If you want to see details, click on the picture which will take you to the Flickr page, and then above the picture click on “all sizes”).

LW wanted a design for a notecard from SIL/VBT (Summer Institute of Linguistics & Vanuatu Baebol Translesen (sp?)). It was to be photocopied and/or printed in black and white, so I did a few designs (based on things lying around in Vila) and styles: nautilus shells, basket/bags, frangipani.

Page 25

The middle nautilus shell (above) and the book and flowers (below) are my favourite:

Page 26

I went further with the basket design for the other illustration job. These are my thumbnail sketches and the cover for “Histri blong yumi” (our history), a collection LW was putting together of stories by translators’ children. The picture couldn’t be very specific to one island or one family, so I ended up doing a basket (I can’t remember which island this design was from, but I think either Efate or Pentecost) and hibiscus and frangipani and shells and a book. I asked LW what sort of things western children being brought up on the islands would likely carry around with them and she said the girls usually had beads and her sons had always had their shanghais and spent hours wrapping the handles with colourful designs in tape.

Page 27

6 thoughts on “Vanuatu: Illustration

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  2. Interesting…just googling for Vanuatu illustrations, as I’m looking for illustrators for literacy books for N Tanna. I was so surprised to come across your site. The first thing to meet my eye–SIL/VBT. I have been with SIL since 1991, and we dedicated our first NT in 2008 when you were there. We were on Tanna I suppose at the time you were here. Beautiful pics!

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