Illustration Friday: Detach


A sepia illustration for this week’s Illustration Friday topic: detach. Referenced surreptitiously from my father while we were watching Dr Who (although not a likeness, you can tell from the expression it’s not really his cup of tea).

Header Robin

This is one of a series of chapter-header illustrations I’ve been working on for an adaptation of a favourite legend, but was also drawn with this week’s theme in mind.


Newsflash: Two days ago I mentioned your opportunity to buy a villain (and other shocking objects) until 28 August 2008. Artscaresyou has now added an index of auction items, which should make the process of choosing (and bidding!) much easier. Here is how to bid, and the reason for the auction (i.e. Paul Haines’ bowels liver).

10 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Detach

  1. Thanks, Reeko and Ellen!

    Ellen – we were catching up and had just made him sit through the third episode in a row :)

  2. Really great image!

    Actually I feel for your Dad… enforced tv watching of any kind always has that effect on me too! Luckily I always have a sketchbook at hand, so my mind can fly away elsewhere in peace. I have a little book-light for it so I don’t bother the other watcher(s).

  3. Thanks Enigma, margothere and Curious Art!

    Curious Art: The booklight is an excellent idea! I never thought of that. And my Dad got off lightly this time: three episodes of Doctor Who is nothing compared to six seasons of Gilmore Girls :)

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