Vanuatu: Sketchbook

My poor maltreated Moleskine. It is held together with duct tape now (on the inside, so I can’t pass it off as industrial punk) and has been soggy and dirty and flecked with volcanic ash and had a near miss in the Port in Port Vila.

But it survived and the picture pages are scanned and up as a set on Flickr: Vanuatu 2008 Moleskine.

This sketchbook has fewer receipts and brochures and tickets than the American one (although there are one or two pages of receipts and boarding passes I didn’t scan in), and is better scanned and – in the drawings at least – more colourful due to my acquisition of more markers. My handbag was (is) full of markers (and pencils, erasers, sharpeners, gel pens, blending pencils, etc).

But next time I will carry the book in a ziplock bag. Just in case.


Now, so far I only have one question to answer about Vanuatu, and my answer is: no, to the best of my knowledge there are no longer cannibals in Vanuatu; that doesn’t stop the tourist trade trading on that piece of history; and from time to time startled linguists have been ‘discovered’ by anthropologists searching for cannibal tribes.

Any other questions?


5 thoughts on “Vanuatu: Sketchbook

  1. You mentioned volcanic ash on your Moleskine. Did I miss that somewhere–did you actually get to see a volcano? I did not know there were volcanoes on Vanuatu until today, but a search turns up at least two, including Mt. Yasur:

  2. Thank you for answering mine. I have been curious for a while about whether, in the last 30 years or so, anthropologists have ever had to confront the issue of leaving the tribe’s lifestyle as it is vs. stopping cannibalism. I guess if they have, it wasn’t on Vanuatu.

  3. Thanks for the kick-along Will – I hadn’t mentioned it yet :) Yes, I visited Mt Yasur. Posts coming up!

    Cristunity – you’re welcome. I haven’t heard about it in relation to cannibalism (although obviously other cultural practices around the world).

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