Take a screenshot, it will last longer.

Or, “Pining for the F(j)ords”.

This is the Google Maps street view of my house. It was probably taken this year, because you can see I’ve come up in parking hierarchy (that’s my car on the right), but early in the year because the house on the right is about three metres lower than it is now (houses in Brisbane levitate occasionally, and sometimes even do a midnight flit).

This is also the only photo I have of my nasty little Nissan, the car which was acquired as a stop-gap measure after my last car was stolen. This one came with a dead wasp on the back dashboard which I carefully never removed (by not vacuuming the car) because I couldn’t find anyone to laugh at my joke about it (“So there’s this dead wasp on the back dashboard, and I’ve left it there because I can’t work out if it’s a feature or a bug”).

And this is the only sketch I have of it:

Pining for the F(j)ords

At 6.30pm on Thursday I left my house to go late-night shopping, turned right out of my street, and a horrible metallic fluttering started up. With creative application of brake, accelerator, handbrake and gears, I got to the side of the road, called the mechanic to let them know I would be there soon, and drew the car (to the consternation of people coming home from work) because there was nothing else to do in the dark on the side of the road. RACQ arrived and made muttering noises, then called a tow truck, whose driver spent his days off cruising around south-east Queensland on his Harley and taking photos of wildflowers. He took me to Indro, and the mechanics drove me back, and I was home by eight, in time to catch the end of Inspector Rex.

The next day I discovered the engine is not worth repairing or (given the car) replacing. So I have to work out what to do with a defunct 1986 Nissan Pulsar and what to replace it with. Everyone says to get a new car, or at least something younger than 20 years. The trouble with having savings, though, is that I am very reluctant to spend them.

Well, that and I have spent the last few months swearing that (a) I wish I had a station wagon and (b) I will never buy a new car.

2 thoughts on “Take a screenshot, it will last longer.

  1. I feel your pain about the car–it is never pleasant (at least not for me) having to contemplate buying another car!

    You mentioned the house on the right being three metres LOWER in that picture…did they redo the foundation and raise it? Just trying to figure out what “levitation” entails there!

  2. It’s a “Queenslander” house and they are built on stumps or stilts, so it is a (relatively) simple matter to jack them up and put new posts underneath. Or jack them up and drive them away and sell them to people who want the house on another piece of land. In Birmingham’s “The Tasmanian Babes Fiasco” (which I can’t recommend to you but is frequently hysterical and very true to life in Brisbane) there is a scene where the whole neighbourhood is out on the street and footpaths having a nighttime picnic and watching a house be taken away.

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