Illustration Friday: Memories


On a carless Saturday, I set out to walk to Paddington and was pulled into a passing station wagon and taken off to Toowong to have crepes for breakfast. Cheryl kindly took me back to Paddington afterwards, and we had coffee and fine English chocolates and in an vintage shop I found a basket of antique photograph postcards: a young couple in a buggy, a distinguished Edwardian lady, a girl with a startlingly horizontal hairstyle and a young woman with a sweet haunted face that looks like she should feature in a Tim Burton film. Apart from the young couple, who had written a letter enquiring after the health of Bert, there was no clue as to who they might be.

When I took the cards to the counter, the elaborately eccentric proprietor (pearl chokered and velvet hatted, with fabulous eye makeup and all her cash in a large embroidered bag) asked me what I planned to do with them – frame them and pretend they were my family? I confessed I hadn’t decided and she said that is what she does, and her walls at home are covered with other peoples’ wedding pictures and she creates a family for herself of all those images of people forgotten but not gone.


Comments and critique are always appreciated – I am still learning many things, including how to balance light and dark when working in scratchboard!

11 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Memories

  1. Thanks Aimee. Between her and the tow-truck driver in my last post, I wonder if I am meeting more such people lately.

    Thankyou indigene.

    Crisitunity: I will see what I can do. I always intend to post interesting finds, and rarely do, but some photos are worth sharing.

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