Antique Photo Postcards

The weekend before last I made some wonderful (i.e. more interesting than expensive) finds at the vintage stores in Paddington, including these photo postcards. There were many of them, but these were the ones which caught my eye. To see larger versions, click on the photo which will take you to its page on Flickr.

The first is the girl who inspired last week’s Illustration Friday picture. She has such an odd sweet face, and looks like she should be in a Tim Burton film.

Photo Card

And this is the marvellously horizontal hairstyle which caught my attention first of all the cards.

Photo Card

The next two postcards are printed on stock from different companies, but they look like the same woman, which might be the case since they were in the same shop. Her name is probably Nellie (unless it was common to write “love [your name]” on the back of photos of other people). I’m not quite sure if its a photo or a scarf around her head in the first photo. I do like her coat, but my father says her hat could be problematic in a high wind.

Photo Cards

This couple, writing from South Australia, are concerned about the health of Bert. I hope he pulled through.

Photo Card

I also bought a few books and will post about them later (I’ve already scanned them, so that is not as empty a threat as it sometimes is).

6 thoughts on “Antique Photo Postcards

  1. These are terrific. I wonder how that woman got her hair so completely flat?

    The woman in the first picture looks like a slightly more forlorn version of the woman in the third picture. Perhaps “Little Nellie” was a minor celebrity of postcards at the time?

  2. I did wonder about possible celebrity status, but the cards probably came from the same source and the pose… it’s either a regular person or someone *really* famous who doesn’t need props to make them interesting.

    I too am curious about the structural engineering involved in that hairstyle.

  3. Those old postcards are really something. Oddly, I was talking with a friend of mine who somehow has old Australian cricket player cards from the 1920’s. They were put out by cigarette companies–have you ever seen one of those cards? The ones he has features players from NSW and Victoria.

  4. I’ve seen them – often framed – in antique stores and museums, but rarely in the wild. The modern equivalent is probably the photos of smoking-correlated diseases currently gracing cigarette packets: “I’ll trade you two diseased lungs for a gangrenous foot”.
    Nowadays our cricketers get told off *for* smoking.

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