Illustration Friday: Clique

Clique (coloured)

I spent Sunday afternoon sewing velvet trim onto a satin dress and watching The Adventures of Robin Hood (the one with Errol Flynn), and continued the theme last night sitting cross-legged at the coffee-table watching Robin Hood: Men in Tights (the one with Carey Elwes whose sword-play, incidentally, is better than Flynn’s) and doing a picture on scratchboard. A friend was telling me last week about her gothic literature class, and it is not impossible that the picture was influenced by that, but possibly also by the use of shadows in the fight in TAoRH (the version in RH:MiT with the hand shadows cracked me up – spoofs improve close upon the heels of the original).

The original scratchboard picture is about 5cmx10cm (2x4inches), coloured in Photoshop. Here is the black and white version:


10 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Clique

  1. Hi Tanaudel

    I wish I could work on scratchboard to your level of skill! This is a beautiful and atmospheric piece and I am envious of your talent. Very well done!

  2. Neil – thankyou! It really is just practice and I’m still learning to think back to front :) I think it is one of those media that has a lot of impact regardless of skill.

    Thankyou too, ojni and Angie!

  3. Hey!
    I like this piece…
    I’m torn whether I prefer the color or black and white version. The black and white version is just so dramatic.
    But both are lovely!

    Thanks so much, as always, for your comment…
    they are always so kind and personal and meaningful!

    Thanks again!

  4. Hi Denise – thankyou for your comment! I’m torn as well – the colour makes such a difference between the two.

    Mark – there’s definitely something not entirely pleasant going on :) I started just messing around at the end of a board (current blog header, actually), which is much easier than jumping in to try and do a full picture straight off!

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