Writing Updates

October Blog Header

New blog header for October! The theme is for Conflux 5 in Canberra this weekend, where we are having a 1920s banquet.

‘The Splendour Falls’ was gone for four months. Three weeks ago it boomeranged through my inbox. I’m managing not to take rejection personally. The latest submittee usually has a good turnaround time, so hopefully I can continue to develop callouses on my sensitivities (the alternative is to soak them in metho).

I wrote another fantasy/fairy-tale story, ‘Ella and the Flame’, in one go on Tuesday evening, which was a surprise to me as much as anybody. It’s only 2,500 words and I rather like it, but it is pending second opinions. (Aimee kindly read and critiqued it for me – congratulations to Aimee on her short story ‘A Drowning’ being published in ASIM!)

CoL (aka the semi-secret project) progresses, despite my crippling bouts of doubt. I am trying to keep what attracted me to the source stories without tipping into triteness on the one hand or angst on the other. At the moment it is ideally kind-of-sort-of Ivanhoe meets Peter Pan. Or maybe Into the Woods meets The Once and Future King. With a bit of The Ordinary Princess.  It is also an excellent excuse to read Geoffrey of Monmouth’s History of the Kings of England and buy all five volumes of Child’s English & Scottish Ballads.