An Encyclopaedia of Improbable Games

I agonised for longer than necessary over the theme of my moleskine for the 42nd International Moleskine exchange, but I’m glad I did because I really like the theme I settled on: An Encyclopaedia of Improbable Games. I’ve cross-posted my entry from the exchange blog below.

I am tempted to make the actual game, because it was so much fun doing this part. But I also like just imagining the bits of the board beyond the edges, and what might happen in the game, and how much fun it would be to say, “Okay, bar fight! Isabella wins!”, or throw a Bad Luck Monkey at someone. I was laughing to myself most of the way home on Friday night, when I thought of it.

Crosspost: An Encyclopaedia of Improbable Games

I’m here! Late, but here! My moly is themed “An Encyclopaedia of Improbable Games”, and can be any sort of game: board games, card games, skipping games, dangerous games, bizarre, twisted, excessively complicated games – as long as they’re improbable!

Mine is a proposal for a board game called “Heroine Content – Remix!”, played with dice and turntables and cards and spinners and volcanoes. The title is more than a nod to the Heroine Content blog, and the game takes some of my favourite heroines and throws them into each others’ universes, because I do want to know how Isabella Bird would react if she met Han Solo, or how Anne of Green Gables would cope in a bar brawl in Tibet.

My moly

There is more detail if you go through to Flickr and click on “all sizes”, but here are some close-ups of the three visible figures and my favourite cards:


Now I want to make this game! Or at least some Bad Luck Monkey cards…

14 thoughts on “An Encyclopaedia of Improbable Games

  1. Thankyou, Guan! I met someone at the NaNoWriMo kick-off party who promised to give me her notes on game theory (incl. board games) so I may eventually make it into an actual game… But really, I just want a Bad Luck Monkey (with a fez, of course).

  2. That is indeed an awesome game. You know, a short story (novella?) about the three of those characters (M. Ravenwood, L. Organa, and I. Bird) meeting in some parallel universe could be really something too. They’d probably wind up ruling whatever world they were on.

    If anyone ever comes out with your board game I want a copy too.

  3. Thanks all! Jason, if I ever make a prototype I will bring it to a con. Will, I don’t write fanfic (not a moral objection, just a conscious decision to limit my activities) but that is almost enough to tempt me. Aimee – yes, aah!

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  5. Hey, Emma! It would be either six or seven characters to the gameboard – depending on whether there’s an option to return to point of origin on the vortices and turntable. I do have some picked out, but it was a hard choice and I may have worked out a way to avoid making it :)

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