Illustration Friday: Vacant


I’ve been working out some illustration ideas for a Yeats poem, among others – trying to write 50,000 words in a month tends to increase the number of other projects I will take on. This is from a very small picture in black and grey markers, tinted in Photoshop. I predict more digital illustration this month, given that I am revolving around a keyboard more than usual, but I have been wrong before.

Of course, I could have gone with the new blog header as well, as featured in my last post (apologies to those seeing it again). It might be a blue screen of death, or having no idea what to write, although that is not yet a problem – I’m up to 11,204 words as of yesterday and I’m backing up. This one is coloured markers and some Photoshop editing:

November Blog Header

8 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Vacant

  1. What a gorgeous, provocative, slightly scary image. Love it.

    I have a request for Illustration Friday (during the next Friday when you’re not writing a novel in a month), which you can feel free to ignore as you wish. I’d like to see how you would illustrate the door into Narnia featured in The Silver Chair. That door has been occupying my mind since I was about seven, and I will never be able to draw well enough to illustrate it. You draw so well and I want to see what’s in your mind for that door.

  2. Oh, thankyou crisitunity! I’d love to try that. After November I will watch out for a topic which the picture can be shoehorned to fit (and you can tell me off resoundingly if I miss one).

  3. Thanks Elizabeth – I do like how parts of it turned out, especially the light on the fingers! I had to take a deep breath before going in to colour hands with blue and purple :)

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