I have decided not to learn to juggle. It is incompatible with my personality.

As an illustration, it is now November. On 1 November, a Saturday, I celebrated the beginning of NaNoWriMo by going out for morning tea, shopping and high tea, went for a run and wrote 3,336 words. On Sunday, after doing chores, I left the house at 10.00am, had coffee at Togninis while reading stories for critique, went to Vision, was inadvertently elected president, went out to lunch with assorted Visionaries, went to church, had church dinner, stopped in to visit friends in Toowong and wrote 3,639 words. Monday and Tuesday were work days. I stayed ahead of the writing curve on Monday while working, went to admission drinks after work, went to an improv comedy session after that then came home and drew. On Tuesday night I went to the usual Tuesday night dinner and movies, came home and drew. Today, I was distracted by elections, had a translation due and also started designing Christmas cards. I am holding steady on work hours, and have just reached 13,876 words.

If I were ever to learn to juggle, I am pretty sure someone would teach me to juggle three balls. I would then think to myself, “Oh, I can do this – with seven! – chainsaws! – running! – on fire! – with no instruction! – first time!”.

This is why I consider NaNoWriMo more a character building exercise than a writing challenge. It teaches me many things about myself. And it is safer than juggling with flaming chainsaws.

For those interested in such things, current NaNoStats are:

Title: Crown of Leaves

Synopsis: All the myths that’ll fit to print

Words: 13,876/50,000

First word: Marion

10,000th word: Clorinda

Deaths on screen: 0

Murders, implied: 5