A Tragic Day

In bad news:

  1. Coffee, the only readily available hot non-sweet beverage (excluding tea: I try to avoid paying $3.50 for a teabag and hot water) seems to be having undesirable effects on me – now where am I going to get most of my writing and sketching done? Or how can I get more cafes to make chai lattes with tea leaves instead of syrup (tastes like syrup) or powder (tastes like ants)?
  2. My beautiful cherry-red ikea desk chair is not working out (one of the reasons for working in cafes) and (a) I don’t know where to buy a cheap kneeling chair and (b) I’m worried that if I try to get up from one in a hurry I will cause extensive destruction.
  3. I went for a vigorous walk last night to OfficeWorks to ogle mini pcs. I had pretty much convinced myself I would get an Asus Eeepc. This had taken me many ogling-trips to decide. AND THEY DIDN’T HAVE ANY.
  4. I submitted a short story (“E&tF”) to an anthology and am feeling the loss.
  5. I have written over 30,600 words for NaNoWriMo, one of my favourite characters from the original inspiration is turning into a paranoid psycho (well, several of them are, actually) and at this rate I am not going to know what to do with myself for the end of the month.
  6. I can write 1,667 words in less than 45 minutes which leaves me with no excuses, generally.
  7. I have no story to submit to One Book One Brisbane because “The Splendour Falls”, which was going there next, wasn’t rejected after all but has found a home!!!!

9 thoughts on “A Tragic Day

  1. If you do get an Asus Eee PC, don’t get the linux version! I have one, and while it is good, it’s mostly annoying and I’m wishing I’d gotten the windows version.

  2. I feel for the hot beverage dilemma. Maybe get used to milk shakes and fruit juice?

    Kneeling chairs are quite good, but you can’t lean back in them after a hard day at the office, if that has a bearing on your decision. We had one ages ago. It was fun and did teach me good posture though. Can you get them with backs?

    No mini pc means more exercise in future and money for now. Win/win.

    “E&tF” is beautiful. It will find a home. The anthology will take care of it, I’m sure. Did I mention it’s beautiful?

    Nanowrimo first drafts do not have to bear any resemblance to the finished product. You can tone your paranoid psycho down later. In the mean time, paranoid psycho dialogue is fun!

    Yay for the excellent and perceptive judges at ASIM! Splendour Falls is wonderful, truly. You outdid yourself. You can always kill two birds with one stone too – use remaining NaNo time to write your other Brisbane story and then submit it to One Book One Brisbane next year. After I’ve read it, of course.

    You could also use remaining NaNo time to edit the 50,000 words you’ve just written. And/or to parcel it off to me to read. :)

  3. Thanks crisitunity – but I should note ASIM’s is Andromeda Spaceways, not other magazines similarly abbreviated :)

    Aimee: milkshakes and fruit juice are too sweet and I think leaning back is part of the problem! Minipc means more writing all the time…

  4. Thanks Jason! Parts of it were average, but whenever I do these lists I find out that on balance, it was pretty good :)
    As for writing progress – well, I’ve discovered word count isn’t my biggest weakness!

  5. Davina! I just found your comment in spam. Thanks for the advice – I was looking at Linux mostly for price reasons, so I’ll keep that in mind. No-one had really had anything to say on that score.

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