Illustration Friday: Opinion

Opinion (colour)

Another scratchboard illustration for this week’s Illustration Friday topic: Opinion. It is 5×7 cm (2×2.8 inches), scanned on my mother’s scanner (with which I have a fraught relationship) and coloured in Photoshop. It is a combination of two ideas: someone staying aloof in spite of the opinions of critics, and Kipling’s Cat (which walked by itself, and all places were alike to it).

Here is the black and white version:

Opinion (black and white)

And while I was drawing dogs, which is rare for me, I did a quick scratchboard illustration for I. R. Mcleod’s poem Lone Dog:

Lean Dog

24 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Opinion

  1. I like the way you kept the flow of the scratch in line with the tree branch because it hints at movement while at the same time not looking deliberate because of the medium.

  2. Wow – go out of range of easy internet access for two days and look what happens!

    Thankyou for all the lovely comments everyone!

    Will – I will definitely have a listen to that, and thanks for the link.
    Carmen – it is scratchboard or scraperboard: card with a layer of clay and then black ink on top.
    Conniemartin – it is definitely worth trying. People say its difficult but it isn’t at all (and quite forgiving) once you get used to thinking backwards!
    Rowena – of course it is!
    Nicky Linzey – I am strongly tempted! They are quite a bit of fun to draw :)

  3. Really great! In some ways I think I prefer the image without the colour. It’s a lot more powerful I feel. But both are really something! I love that you have such a strong personal style – mine tends to bounce around constantly X(

    Anyway, good job!


  4. Thankyou Lalouba-Jane!

    I think the same about my style, so I wouldn’t be too worried about yours :) I think that is part of the process of finding it.

  5. I love the cat, and the dogs. They’re wonderful! I’ve a fence just like this, and that scene plays out on a daily basis.

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