Not this year’s Christmas Card

Not this year's Christmas card

This was a rough sketch for a Christmas card but I left it too late to finish and have printed in time to send(*coughNaNoWriMocough*). The backup plan involves brayers and presses and using black ink which splashes everywhere when you wash it off the perspex. Especially if I am still wearing office clothes.

In writing, which subsumes… well, obviously not every waking moment, but a lot of them, I am over 81,000 words on the NaNoWriMo project. It is eventful if not cohesive. Bruce Gillespie of Steam Engine Times was very nice about the part of a story that I read at Conflux. I am also accumulating short story ideas to take further when November ends. There are werewolves and masks and ibises and alien anthropologists and archivists and librarians and time travel and tramyard fires and a city which was almost called Edenglassie (that part’s apparently true), and given that I am overdoing NaNoWriMo, working on art, going to life drawing classes, showing up at work, learning to do lino printing, going to the movies and practising writing with my left hand, I will not admit to writing more than the working titles, my favourite of which is about pineapples.

And yes, I know I haven’t done the reviews for last month yet. Two more days to get them done and still be within time!

9 thoughts on “Not this year’s Christmas Card

  1. This is really cute!
    What a wonderful concept.
    Magpies love shiny things and are often devious about taking them. But to steal the stars from the night sky? I likey ^__~)

  2. That’s a great idea, indeed. When I first saw it I thought perhaps those were five of the stars in the “Southern Cross”! But you really should make your own Christmas cards, if you don’t already–your designs are that good.

  3. Hey, thanks, Rósek! I do like magpies. The replacement, non-professionally-printed card design also features one :)

    Aimee – thankyou, but no. Superwoman would probably still be able to form coherent sentences without writing them down first.

    Thanks, Will! I do want to do a coloured design and have good quality prints done… next year. I am making my own this year, and once I’ve cleared off my desk enough to make it safe for peace, democracy and block printing ink, I may post some progress pictures.

    /Karen/ – thanks. I’m a bit stunned, myself :)

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