Not with a bang but a whimper


90 thousand and… something. 83 by my count, 539 by the NaNoWriMo word count. And while I did not finish the draft of the novel, I did come to the end of the first section, and a natural break. Call it Part One: A Coat of Green. M-M F, R (formerly C G) and their merry company will return in Part Two: A Staff of Ash. Added to the 12,000 words I wrote a month or two ago, it gets me past the 100,000 word draft I put on my list of Aspirations for 2008.

There are interesting things in it. Salveagable things. Possibly even some parts that with pruning and research could become a story. Aimee, if/when she gets to read it, has strict instructions to just indicate the parts she likes.

I want to celebrate but I think I would fall over. Maybe I will celebrate by sleeping in until 6am tomorrow. Or doing something with ink.

6 thoughts on “Not with a bang but a whimper

  1. No, just grocery shopping. As in, when I say I had peanut butter for breakfast yesterday, I don’t mean I had peanutbutter *on* anything.

  2. Note to all who crash at Tanaudel’s house: bring money for takeaway. Do not assume the existence of essentials. Tea and peanut butter probably safe to assume, just not milk or sugar. The taps work, so there is water. And many restaurants in walking distance. :D

    And WOOHOO! Congratulations!

    I keep saying that. Is there any loftier goal that means I should withhold my approbation until it is reached?

    Well done. :)

  3. Quite true.


    And no, not immediately. I am taking a break and working on some short stories. 1053 words on the Alice Blue/Pineapple one so far.

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