Illustration Friday: Balloon


A quick digital illustration/frame. I would like to do this in actual pen and ink and with reference to a particular story, but my workspace is covered with bottles and cards and brayers and a block printing press. I’m also going to have to do more sketching from life (I let November interfere with that) and less life drawing because when the balance tips the other way my figures tend to become more posed and contemplative.

There are two other thumbnails I did for this week which I am sorry fell by the wayside. One featured the invisible man being pugnacious, and the other Queen Victoria using internet abbreviations.

9 thoughts on “Illustration Friday: Balloon

  1. I need to think before I press ‘submit’ sometimes… :)

    I like this picture too! I was trying to think what it reminded me of and all I can think of are those packs of A4 paper with various decorative borders, sold in newsagents and paper shops for certificates and invites.

    I like the lines. And my hair is currently doing the same thing as hers.

  2. Thanks, Kate!

    Curious Art – I had two stories in the back of my mind: one with the regency dresses and the other with the main character very definitely being left behind. And I don’t mind at all, but I can’t guarantee I will play by the rules :)

    Jason – thanks. Got any ideas? I’m glad she comes across as more than simply brooding.

    Aimee – heheh, I saw I got two comments close together and thought, “I wonder if that’s Aimee” :)

  3. She actually looks a little cranky. I’d be leaving too, by whatever means. And the white-space just begs to be written in – probably her thoughts as she’s such a strong part of the picture.

    “Picture of Queen Victoria?”
    “No thank you, I’ve just eaten.”
    or something like that.

  4. She looks so sad! (I guess so, her balloon flew away without her.)
    I really like the gray and orange color combination! Nice!

    Thanks Tanaudel for all of your kind comments lately… every one meant a lot to me. I’m just sorry it has taken me so long to reply.

    Have a wonderful day
    and stay creative!


  5. Hey Dave – well, anger can be a symptom of personality, so that’s a good thing :)
    Thankyou Denise! I’m glad the orange and grey worked (the pink in her face is a bit vivid on everything except the screen I was working on – I’m going to have to adjust).

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