Brief writing post because hardware needed to post pictures is covered with other hardware

Justine Larbalestier says that writing is like having homework all the time, which I think means you are always working and learning. Which is true. (Being a lawyer, I would counter, is like having exam week all the time). And in comments on the post Justine linked to there is some mention of pushy parents with high opinions of their children’s writing ability.

Heh. I think my parents had a higher view of my inclinations than my abilities. When I was a kid they took me to the State Library to see the manuscript of “The Man From Snowy River” (the poem) and pointed out all the changes and revisions and edits and said, “See what’s involved? Even Banjo Patterson didn’t get it right the first time” (at the time I was aspiring to be a bush poet… and was also, you know, about 10). And then I walked into a glass wall.

I still remember that day quite clearly. (I can also still recite “The Man From Snowy River”).

And in other writing related news I am increasing the dexterity (sinisterness?) of my non-dominant hand. I may not be able to write two different things at once, but by golly I’ll be able to write the same thing twice at the same time.

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