Christmas Cards in Progress

Here is a flock of Christmas cards drying in my spare/guest/studio/annex/enclosed veranda/multi-purpose room. The design is a lino cut on a similar theme to the card that wasn’t.

I’m also working on three sketchbook exchange moleskines, some presents, a short story about Alice Blue and pineapples, drip-feeding my NaNoWriMo draft to Aimee (who is being very kind and responding gratifyingly – she is under instructions to tell me the bits that I should keep), fielding a steady stream of translations, working and dealing with some changes (not bad ones) and getting around to dry cleaning my formal dress:

Formal Wear

That’s me at the office Christmas party. The theme was “’80s & ’90s School Formal” and there were some fabulously shocking outfits. This, however, is my actual school formal (aka prom) dress from 1997, and I liked it more the second time around. It did require serious structural engineering & external assistance to actually get the zip up, but as a result I had excellent posture and understood the heaving etc so beloved of historical romances because frankly, when a bodice is that tight up and down is the only way you can breathe.

Also, my makeup wasn’t orange this time, so between that and the other changes since then (hehe) it was a considerable improvement on eleven years ago!