Works in Progress

Christmas Cards in Progress

Here is a flock of Christmas cards drying in my spare/guest/studio/annex/enclosed veranda/multi-purpose room. The design is a lino cut on a similar theme to the card that wasn’t.

I’m also working on three sketchbook exchange moleskines, some presents, a short story about Alice Blue and pineapples, drip-feeding my NaNoWriMo draft to Aimee (who is being very kind and responding gratifyingly – she is under instructions to tell me the bits that I should keep), fielding a steady stream of translations, working and dealing with some changes (not bad ones) and getting around to dry cleaning my formal dress:

Formal Wear

That’s me at the office Christmas party. The theme was “’80s & ’90s School Formal” and there were some fabulously shocking outfits. This, however, is my actual school formal (aka prom) dress from 1997, and I liked it more the second time around. It did require serious structural engineering & external assistance to actually get the zip up, but as a result I had excellent posture and understood the heaving etc so beloved of historical romances because frankly, when a bodice is that tight up and down is the only way you can breathe.

Also, my makeup wasn’t orange this time, so between that and the other changes since then (hehe) it was a considerable improvement on eleven years ago!

6 thoughts on “Works in Progress

  1. Congrats on being able to fit into your old formal dress. A lot of chunked out peeps might not be able to do that thing and probably wouldn’t still have the dress to find out either!

  2. I would love to see some of the other dresses at that event. Yikes. I think you look terrific, though, and I laughed at the “heaving” comment. Also loved the illustration of you as a teenager; it actually reminded me of an A.S. Byatt story I read earlier this year. As I’m a product of American schooling, the shared experience of British/Australian schoolchildren sounds both exotic and crashingly dull to me.

  3. :)
    Crisitunity – there were some… remarkable outfits. Including an original Lisa Ho which makes me glad her designs have moved with the times!

    I’m curious (having never been to an American school) – in what way dull?

  4. I didn’t mean to offend, if I did. Part of it is that you all have to learn a HECK of a lot more history than we do – we only have 200 years, after all, and British kids have to learn about 1000 years more than that. While I think history is interesting now, when I was a kid you couldn’t have bribed me with anything to learn about it. Part of it also is uniforms all the way through school; here uniforms, while not rare, are not at all the norm for public schools. Also, the general experience in American schools that you take into adulthood has to do with the events that happen to you socially, whereas overseas schooling seems to be more about…school. Education. Which means, of course, that when America goes down it’ll be our own fault for not teaching our children better.

    I admit I also have a vision in my head of the schoolchildren from The Wall (the movie) – hundreds of slump-shouldered automatons shuffling into a meat factory. Inaccurate, probably, but it’s still what I think of.

  5. Oh, no offence! I was just curious :) I wonder how the history does compare? Certainly Australia has less post-European history than America, although we obviously have closer ties to the UK. But I loved history and read it in my free time :)

    But I did a lot of my schooling through distance ed/school of the air, and although when I went to boarding school I liked the uniforms (one less thing to worry about) I did find lessons very boring, though that is because there is so much time wasted (unavoidably, I know, but still) in a classroom!

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