My handbag bends the laws of physics

Cross-posted from the Moleskine Exchange 42 blog.

Ann-D's Moly - Moly_x_42

My contribution to Anna-Denise’s “What’s in my bag” moleskine. This is a representative example, not a comprehensive survey (also, not entirely to scale), but I would like to state – for the record – that yes, I do currently have a sonic screwdriver and a furnishing needle in my handbag :). The “Open other end” label is the sticker on the back of my every-day moleskine (I put stickers on them to tell them apart, but I try to scavenge them wherever possible – this was from Reverse Garbage, an offcut store). One of the stamps is from the envelope the book came in. The Melbourne stamp was floating loose in my wallet – I keep them in there in case I am filled with an uncontrollable urge to send postcards, but for the record am from Brisbane, although I have been to Melbourne.

The flickr page is here and you can see it larger here.

I was worried I wasn’t going to be able to get sketchbooks and other projects done, so I took this one to work yesterday and worked on it in Starbucks on the way to work and for a few minutes after I finished. I don’t have a pencil case in my handbag at the moment, so it was drawn straight on with markers which was probably a character-building experience.

5 thoughts on “My handbag bends the laws of physics

  1. I guess I’d have to have a briefcase for all that stuff. (Just kidding. Actually I use my coat pockets (all three of them) in lieu of such, and hence my pockets are ALWAYS wearing out.) That must be why cargo pants were invented.

    Your drawings as always are very well done. The stamps are a nice touch!

  2. Denise – it was a fun activity (and surprising – I had no idea what had happened to that ring).

    Will – thanks! I wish more women’s clothes had pockets in them. I have a skirt with pockets which I love and when I am wearing it spend far too much time swanning around with my hands in my pockets imagining I look like Katherine Hepburn :)

  3. Is that mattress needle still in your bag from when I gave it back to you??

    I find going through other people’s wallets fascinating—reminders me of Year 7 history when it was the first thing we had to do as an exercise in archaeology!

    Also, I wish your blog remembered my info …

  4. Yes :) I keep finding it in the back pocket of my sketchbook and then putting it back and forgetting about it.

    I agree – “finding things in others’ pockets is always a plus” (sorry – Darren Hanlon concert last night :)

    I will see if anything can be done re info.

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